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NATER is a wordplay that combines my name and my mother's surname. It embodies earth, nature, and art, thus representing essence. It started as a personal project rooted in ethical fashion but constantly evolves as it refuses to be confined to a single format.

I decided to materialize memories and feelings, making them tangible. With the first collection called "Ref-lejos." I wanted to bring to light all the stories I carried with me, stories of my family, all of them immigrant women. In an atmosphere of separatism and flags, I felt the need to express that I was just another immigrant, not a threat, and that I believed I could contribute to a culture like many others. I wanted to emphasize that I was a brand proud to work solely with workshops and small businesses in Spain, a brand "Made in Spain by a Colombian".

And so, this project began, aiming to create objects with stories and purpose. This purpose gains strength when it not only becomes an object but also a creative tool to generate positive impacts in our society. That's when I decided to reach out to Refugges Welcome, a small organization promoting a culture of welcome. Hence, a portion of the sales from the "Ref-lejos" collection goes to support their cause.

In the first release, I developed a series of nine illustrations printed on 100% natural silk scarves, packaged in a special way to bring the message to life.



In the second installment of Nater, a new message emerged: "Warriors," a collaboration with Monkeygarden, a local fashion brand, where we repurposed vintage American army jackets with leftover silk from the production of the "Re-flejos" scarves. This upcycling project demonstrates how the brand minimizes the waste generated by the fashion industry while creating unique pieces rich in history. In a pandemic context where nature seemed to have caught its breath, Nater decides to speak about those warriors who want to seize a second chance to save the planet.

Then the message takes shape in clay, giving birth to "Mestiza," a name representing an entire race born from mixture in an increasingly divided world. Nater aims to promote a message of global village where we share, learn, and evolve together. The collection itself is proof of how mixing and contrasting bring about unique results full of character. It is inspired by the myths and legends of pre-Columbian culture, reinterpreted through contemporary craftsmanship.

Creative Strategy.   Nater project.    Stills.     Branding.    Works.    About.