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I'm Colombian, residing in Spain since 2011. I began my career as a producer and editor in my home country. Later, I transitioned to working as a textile graphic designer in the fashion industry before venturing into advertising. Over the years, I've held roles in internal creative departments as a creative director and art director for leading brands in both Colombia and Spain, as well as in advertising, communication, and public relations agencies, serving diverse clients. This breadth of experience has allowed me to approach creativity from various perspectives.

Additionally, I founded my own brand, which is a project dedicated to exploring alternative avenues of purposeful creation:


Founder and Creative Director,
Director, Apple Tree
Assocciate Creative Director, El CORTE INGLES.
Creative strategy and Art Director, Fashion team, El CORTE INGLES.
Creative Supervisor and Art Director, Home team, El CORTE INGLES.
Creative Director and Art Director, NARIASAT 
Creative and Art Director, GRUPO CRYSTAL S.A.S 

Life's as short as we make it, and in my world, every day's a Saturday. Picture this: rolling out of bed in brand-new pijama after a glorious sleep-in. It's all about those leisurely breakfasts where time's just a suggestion. Yep, every day's a Saturday - a playground for creativity where the fun never stops! 



Here's me on some Saturdays,
playing with my camera and pottery.

Creative Strategy.    Nater project.     Stills.     Branding.    Works.    About.