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. Emidio Tucci


PV 2022/

The Emidio Tucci brand needed to regain the lost notoriety and make it relevant and desirable among the target audience, positioning itself as a brand with a classic/contemporary style for an urban man who seeks quality and the assurance of being well-dressed.

We propose building upon the brand's DNA, evolving while keeping its essence alive. Emidio Tucci is QUALITY AND ELEGANCE IN THE CITY.

As a men's brand, we explore a legitimate territory: The New Masculinity. The New Masculinity is a reflection that leads to self-awareness and self-acceptance. We need to understand our true essence to be memorable and unique.

To achieve this, we chose the actor William Levy, who was generating a great buzz on social media thanks to his role in the Netflix series "Café con aroma de mujer" 

Who is Emidio Tucci? Emidio Tucci is a brand for dressing a classic and contemporary man with an urban spirit, a brand that offers quality.
Who is Emidio Tucci? To this day, many people still wonder who Emidio is, but Emidio is not just a name; it is a philosophy of life, a positive mental state, an attitude towards life. It is elegance and well-being in the city, no matter how chaotic or stressful it may be.

Who is William Levy? William is still relatively unknown in Spain, but gradually, he is generating a kind of chain reaction. Who is he? Where does he come from? What does he do? What has he done? How does he do it, and why does he generate so much interest?

William arouses the curiosity that Emidio Tucci has aroused all these years. Who is he? Where does he come from, where does he live?

We leverage these two parallels between characters to build our story and position our protagonist as a credible ambassador who is in a balanced situation with the brand.

On a personal level, William Levy appears to be the perfect heartthrob, always immaculate, attractive, and takes great care of his body and appearance. But behind that, there is more than that; there is an enterprising, fighting, and very humane man. We want to break the stereotype of the soap opera heartthrob and bring out his most interesting side, find that point of connection with the philosophy of our brand.

Soy, Emidio Tucci. PV 22 - Filmaker: Gus & Lo - Styling: Fermín & Gilles - Muah: Helena Liebanas - CD/AD: Natalia Arias A. - CD: Alfredo Negri

Soy. Emidio Tucci
OI 2022/

Emidio Tucci returns. And William Levy returns.

The spring campaign sets the tone for this follow-up clearly.

We are certain that Emidio Tucci's return as a brand has been clear and resounding. And we are also confident that the media response to the lead actor has exceeded expectations.

From a conceptual point of view, we have to stay within the defined territory: portraying Emidio Tucci as the brand for the urban, classic, modern man who knows what he needs.

A man who values the design and patterns of each piece, even the most classic ones, as a symbol of elegance, giving it a modern touch because he feels confident in himself.

He is a man proud to say "I am Emidio Tucci."

So we continue in the language of "I am" (the duality of Emidio and William) and under the closing line "Think about what you wear without thinking about what you wear."

But from the execution point of view, we need to leverage everything we've gained with William Levy: impact, visibility, fun, likability, and freshness.

Soy, Emidio Tucci. OI 22 - Filmaker: Nue Casdevall - Dop: Elias M. Felix - Styling: Fermín & Gilles - Muah: Helena Liebanas - CD/AD: Natalia Arias A. - CD: Alfredo Negri


Photography: Pablo Zamora - Styling: Fermín & Gilles - CD/AD: Natalia Arias A. - CD: Alfredo Negri


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