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P001→ 0 FEET AWAY MARKET. Grindr

Pr Stunt


Grindr is venturing into the Spanish market for the first time with a mission to transform from being simply the app "everyone enjoys" to becoming the app "everyone loves". We've identified that while the LGBTQ+ community in Spain is very open-minded, there's a certain stigma and hesitance associated with using the app for the first time, with many labeling it as merely a "meat market".


We wanted to demostrate that Grindr is much more than just a "meat market". It embodies diversity, freedom of choice, and proximity. It's not merely a brand that speaks to the community; it's an integral part of the community itself. Our unique selling proposition (USP) highlights this: "The app that allows you to discover, navigate, and connect within less than 0 meters of the queer world."

We proposed a PopUP market featuring local products, reimagining the shopping journey by infusing diverse experiences at each pivotal stage. From engaging diversity talks to side-splitting stand-up comedy, sensual aphrodisiac cooking workshops, collaborative brand showcases, lively speed dating sessions, and more, we crafted a holistic experience. This approach embodies the open and disruptive essence of our brand, allowing us to create tangible content tailored to the LGBTQ+ community in Spain.

Creative Director: Natalia Arias A. - Creatice Team: Ana Benitez, Catalina Forero, Jordi Portillo, Débora Hillert, Pablo del Valle.

P003 → Nada Moderno. Zoco

Digital Campaign, Branding


A campaign to position Zoco as the original “sobremesa” drink, present in Spanish after-meal moments for 65 years, in a setting where all liqueurs and spirits want to be part of this moment and try to make it trendy.


Pacharán is the least modern drink in the world, and the after-meal moment in Spain is a tradition with unique emotional significance. Therefore, we decided to reclaim that moment where Zoco has always been at the center of the table, creating a campaign that takes us back to its Navarre origins, to the roots of the brand, showcasing the pride of its provenance and the art of doing things well.

We created a manifesto, a new brand narrative, and a more aspirational visual universe that emphasized tradition, Navarre origins, roots, quality, and the brand's expertise, reflected in various printed materials and social media.

 Photography: JC de Marcos - Styling: Carlota Peydro - Creative Director: Natalia Arias - Creative team: Pablo Vilar, Ana Benitez, Mara Otero, Laura Carmona - Art Director: Deborah Hillert

P004 → Let it beef. Provacuno

Communication strateg & transmedia campaign


We needed to enhance the perception of the sector among younger populations by encouraging balanced and sustainable consumption associated with moments of enjoyment. Our goal was to raise awareness among Generation Z about the contributions of the industry to the economy, particularly in rural and disadvantaged areas, and to shift perceptions towards an affordable product.


We created a strategic platform “CONSCIOUS FREEDOM“ To highlight the power of individual choice, the freedom that everyone should enjoy and exercise without any feelings of guilt. 

We activated it by creating a creative campaign, strategic content pillars, and a relevant territory for Generation Z: Music.

We also developed a creative concept that championed the freedom to choose: “Let it beef!”. An invitation to freely choose whether to consume beef or not. It's about embracing the enjoyment of knowing that the meat we consume originates from cows raised in optimal conditions and through sustainable, environmentally friendly processes.


CD/AD : Natalia Arias - CD: Juan Zilli - Creative copywriters: Ana Benitez,  Laura Carmona

P006 → Adidas District

Concept Store

We developed a comprehensive proposal for the new Adidas Originals store in Bogotá, Colombia, encompassing creative concept, spatial design, and experiential elements. Introducing the Adidas District, our vision reflects an urban, irreverent, and inspiring environment. This district not only provides areas for relaxation and inspiration but also serves as a hub for co-creation between the brand and the community, where ideas are brought to life and shared.

Creative Director: Natalia Arias x  Dh visual

P007 → Una vida de libros, Una vida más libre. Casa del Libro

Creative digital strategy


Casa del Libro needed to strengthen its position as a cultural and literary reference in Spain in a new post-pandemic context. 


To achieve this, we crafted a narrative as a cultural agent and a digital strategy that combined brand campaigns, special actions, commercial campaigns, and offline activations.

The results: More than 1 million followers on social media. 1 out of every 5 books sold in Spain today is from CDL. Over 54 open bookstores. A 15% increase in e-commerce visibility. A 3.5-fold increase in young readers, reaching 350,000. We have doubled the number of members, reaching 3,000,000. Market share increased by +3.2 percentage points. Sales increased by 30%. More than 200 million online impacts in two years.

Creative Director: Natalia Arias - Creative Team: Ana Benitez, Debora Hillert, Catalina Forero, Jordi Portillo - Digital Director: Julio Fernández Sanguino - Digital Team: Maria García Lydick, Daniel Calahorra

P009 → La Pieza Infinita


To promote circularity and the significant positive impact on the planet that our actions have, we invited young talented illustrators to tell us, through their style, how depositing a can in the yellow container initiates a magical infinite loop.

Special content that we will unveil throughout 2023 - 2024.

"La Pieza Infinita" Ecoembes - Creative Director: Natalia Arias A. - Art Director: Catalina Forero - Illustrator: Sergio Dosal - Script: Laura Carmona - Motion Graphics: Jordi Portillo

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