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+COLOR. El Corte Inglés

Campaign, Branding, Editorial & Brand experience

We created a vibrant campaign, branding and shopping experience where color served as the central theme, weaving through every aspect of the event. This immersive journey encompassed a comprehensive campaign, exclusive product offerings, in-store activations, captivating space interventions, meticulously crafted packaging designs, a captivating catalogue, art installations, and engaging digital content. Each element harmonized to deliver a memorable and cohesive experience for our customers.




CD/AD: Natalia Arias A.Creative - Copywriting: Marta Fiallo - Fashion Stylist: Pilar Lara - Set Design: Paloma López Varas - Art directors: Cristina Escandón, Delia Muñoz - Filmaker: Cesar Pesquera - Producer: Cesar Lamparero, Mamma Team - Photogrphy: Pablo Zamora, Gorka Alba del Valle

Creative Strategy.   Nater project.    Stills.     Branding.    Works.    About.