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Las rebajas.
El Corte Inglés

Campaign & Digital Content

“Nuevos tiempos. Nuevas Rebajas”.

During the pandemic, we faced the challenge of developing commercial campaigns to stimulate product purchases amidst an extremely unstable environment. Opting for a playful approach, we crafted three stories inspired by the tale of "Cinderella" to showcase various offers available during the El Corte Inglés sales. These offers were tailored to address emerging consumer needs in times characterized by uncertainty and upheaval.



Creative Director & Art direction: Natalia Arias A.
Creative & copywriting: Mariola Caeiro
Account manager: Alejandra Arriaga
Photography: Gorka Alba del Valle
Filmaker: Victor Claramunt
Dop: Paco Alcaine
Styling: Gabriella Naeve, Paloma Tiemblo
Set Design: Encarna Romero
Muah: Crisanto Blanco, Cynthia
Producer: Antiestático

“Nuevos Año. Nuevas Rebajas”.

New year. New habits. New hobbies. New resolutions. New hopes. New dreams. The best thing about starting a new year is starting anew. It's time to open doors, windows, to let in fresh air and leave 2020 behind.

In this campaign, which is an evolution of the summer sales "New times. New sales," we take a step further with our eyes set on tomorrow, on the year ahead, with a positive and hopeful message that was born during the months of confinement, a look more towards the future than ever before, on what this 2021 can promise us. This concept is reflected with a playful tone in video executions, graphics, radio spots, display pieces, and social media.

In the previous Sales, we showed the new normal, using a song from Tchaikovsky's opera "The Sleeping Beauty." In this campaign, we show a particular world where the characters seemed enchanted with a playful tone.

That's why, in this follow-up, we show the awakening of our "Sleeping Beauty," who awakens in this world to open doors and fill homes with fresh air, change, and excitement, in this new stage.



Filmmaker: @alanmasferrer 
DOP: @paucastejonubeda
Photography: Gorka Alba del Valle
Creative/art direction: @natalia_arias_a 
Creative/copywriter: @trastobarato
Account manager: @ale_arriagadepaz
Styling: @naevegabriella + @palomatiemblo
Make up: @cynthiadeleon_ + @kristinalibertad
Hair: @crisantoblanco + @elisabel_serrano
Modelos: @@johanne_rendtorff @pau.ramis @anja_vuleta @blanca.soler @juliajimenez_ @arri.jon @annajicr
Narrator: @menttha
Mk: @uve.toria
Producer: @grayskulltv


“Preparados, listos, Rebajas”.

Little by little, the new normality is stabilizing, the worst is behind us, and the decrease in incidence, vaccination, and the reactivation of the economy light up the future. Summer is already here, and we have many reasons to await it with more joy than other years. We are eager to plan and prepare ourselves to enjoy it like never before.

And the Sales, with all their variety of products, offers, discounts, and possibilities, are the starting signal for a season that we want to enjoy to the fullest, whatever the plan may be. It's time to get active and experience a different summer.

Ready, set, sales!


Creative & art direction: Natalia Arias A.
Creative & copywriting: Mariola Caeiro
Account manager: Alejandra Arriaga
Photography: Gorka Alba del Valle
Filmaker: Andrea Micheloni
Dop: Marc Miró
Styling: Berta Bascal
Muah: Crisanto Blanco, Cynthia
Producer: In my mind

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